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Each and every time you get into your car, there is one part that you look at the entire time you are in it: the windows.

The windows are an integral part of the safety system of your car. They allow to see everything that’s around you, allowing you to safely steer your car. While the windows are one of the most important parts of your car, like many motorists, you may not pay them much attention. However, as soon as you see a chip or a crack appear, you need to start giving them the attention that they need right away!

Even the smallest chip in a windshield can eventually turn into a huge crack; and when a huge crack develops, you will be facing certain trouble. Chips and cracks obstruct your view, which makes driving more dangerous. The last thing you – or other motorists and pedestrians  want is to drive around when your view is obstructed.

At the first sign of trouble with your car’s windows, give Firebaugh Towing a call! We are the leading experts of auto glass installation in Firebaugh, CA. For more than 11 years, we have been repairing damaged windshield and replacing those that are suffering from irreparable damage.

Once you bring your vehicle to us, we will assess every square-inch of the glass. We will locate any chips or cracks and determine whether or not they are able to be repaired. If the damage can be repaired, we will use the highest quality resin and other tools and supplies to safely repair that damage. If, however, we determine that the glass cannot safely be repaired, we will then install a brand new piece of glass. They will make sure that your auto glass is in the best possible condition before driving off our lot in order to ensure your safety and security.

Our experts work quickly and are extremely thorough.

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